Sell Structured Settlement to Campbell Financial Corp.

The moment you decide to sell your structured settlement payments, you are presented with many options for how to sell your payments. The many options to sell structured settlement payments provides an excellent environment for you the consumer or the owner of structured settlement payments. In the sea of choices, below are the three reasons why you should choose Campbell Financial Corp. to sell your structured settlement or annuity payments.

Three Reasons to How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement to Campbell Financial Corp.

1) Price:

We know that you want to receive the most amount of money for your structured settlement payments and we have developed a revolutionary low-cost model along with financing that can’t be beaten. We can help you save more money in your pocket due to a cheap model that allows us to give you the money others are spending on expensive advertising. By keeping overhead low, we pass the savings onto you in the form of a better price for your payments. If more money for your fees is what you are looking for, then Campbell Financial Corp. is the right company to sell structured settlement payments.

2) Experience:

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The ownership team of Campbell Financial Corp. has been buying structured settlement and annuity payments for over fifteen years. Experience means a lot when you are faced with a need for cash quickly. Our team of experienced front-office and a back-office staff is trained to ensure you receive the money when you need it. Your deal is a priority for each and every one of our employee’s members.

3) Customer Service:

Experience and price are vital when you sell your structured settlement payments. However, respect and understanding of your particular situation are also crucial. Our staff understands that the structured settlement that you received came with a historical event that could have been difficult from a mental and physical perspective. Campbell Financial Corp. employees take great care, respect and appreciation of each situation to ensure your needs are met and the least amount of impact on your annuity. Our structured settlement representatives will take as much time as necessary to understand your situation, what you have available to sell and how much of the annuity you can sell based on knowing your budget. We then take this information and customize a plan that fits you perfectly. Our goal is that you are fully satisfied when you sell structured settlement payments.

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How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement? Campbell Financial Corp. ensures that you are priority number one when you sell structured settlement payments. You will receive unmatched experience, price and customer service when you choose to sell structured settlement payments. Our staff has the knowledge, care and expertise to ensure you receive an unmatched experience from minute one through funding of your transaction. Contact us or fill out the form to the right, and a Campbell Financial Corp. representative will contact you.

Structured Settlements from Stone Street Capital

Stone Street Capital takes a somewhat more cavalier approach toward selling your structured settlement or annuity. Stone Street Capital supports you to get your cash for whatever reason you would like while most firms indicate doing so just as the final possible alternative. This makes them somewhat less trustworthy than other structured settlement firms that we reviewed, as they appear a lot more concerned with their bottom line about the effect of their products on customers.

Resolution of your personal injury claim is usually a one-time cash payment. This is known as a lump sum settlement. The Stone Street Capital will not consider your personal injury settlement taxable. Nevertheless, any gains produced from the resolution cash invested are taxable. Luckily, a lump sum resolution is usually not your only choice.

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A structured settlement is a form of insurance product. This annuity lets you get regular payments on an established agenda. In the event the annuity is bought as part of a structured settlement, all of the annuity payments (both principal and interest) are tax-free. It is a distinctive chance provided by the Canadian authorities to people who have had personal injury claims. No management fees are payable on the annuity, and, generally, you’re ensured to receive monthly annuity payments for so long as you stay living. With the structured settlement, you determine the method by which the cash will be paid out over time to you. It’s crucial that you notice your right to decide on a structured settlement should be negotiated before finalizing your resolution with all the insurance company.

Below are merely several reasons why buying a construction might be valuable to you:

You determine when you would like to get the payments to commence and just how much of your resolution you need to structure, the duration and frequency of the payments;

Fiscal Protection:

To make certain you don’t run out of resolution funds a structured settlement enables you to get regular payments that are guaranteed for so long as you reside;

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Estate Protection:

In case your annuity carries a guarantee period, should you die prematurely, your payments will continue for a predetermined interval and be payable to your estate or heirs;

No Income Tax or Direction Fees:

The course fees are paid out by the life insurance company, and that means you never have to pay a fee for your construction. By the Canada Revenue Agency, construction payments aren’t considered income, and for that reason cannot be taxable.

If you determine to buy a structured settlement, the insurance provider will buy the annuity from a life insurance company that is documented. To make certain that all your needs and requirements are met, a structured settlement specialist, as well as your attorney, will meet with you to offer guidance and give you various construction choices to select from. It’s also crucial that you remember that once the construction is brought no changes could be made.

DRB capital structured settlements

Client First Settlement Funding is a personally held company founded in 2008 though the company specializes in buying and selling structured settlements and annuities nationally and based in Boca Raton, Florida. Their specialties include structured settlement resolution funds and annuities, lottery payouts and lump sum. The company has and A standing with Better Business Bureau. The assignment of the company would be to treat customers like family with personalized attention and the best quality customer service. Their aims are to improve the economic well-being of the customers, supply psychological support that is authentic and consistently put their fiscal ahead of their own.


DRB Capital (previously Imperial Structured Settlements) is one of America most reliable specialty finance companies which have bought structured settlement payment and annuities from people who have demands for capital since 2007. Their business will be to offer customers in need, who’ve structured settlements, annuities, investment annuities, and life eventuality structured settlements, a lump sum of money. DRB Capital senior management team has a merged 25 years of expertise and has been involved at the beginning of the business using interaction, innovation, and technology to supply customers with annuities and resolution services and products to satisfy their cash needs with structured settlements.

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DRB Capital is a structured settlements company that specializes in selling and purchasing annuities and structured settlements located in Boca Raton, FL. They offer to buy annuities and structured settlements for a lump sum of money and usually receive favorable reviews.


Black Diamond Funding supplies pre-settlement lawsuit financing suit and money loans to more & personal injury victims. Their specialties include but aren’t restricted to Fault and Hazard Appraisals, Estimating Resolution Worth, Personal Injury Fault Appraisals, Structured Settlement Transfer, etc. The creators of the company possess the expertise to precisely project resolution worth, establish case timelines, evaluate repayment capacities, bid for jobs that are giving and negotiate structured settlement transfers. They have a simple four-step loan procedure and certainly will work in close collaboration with the customer and his or her lawyer to get the money that they want as rapidly as possible to them.

Creative Capital Inc.

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123 NW 13th St #307
Boca Raton, Florida 33432

Creative Capital Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1993. The company initiated the sale of annuities, and now their services go from purchasing structured settlements, lottery and annuity payments to supplying pre-settlement cash advances. Creators and its forerunner businesses have purchased close to one billion dollars of jackpots, lottery winnings, structured settlements, annuities, mortgages and deeds of trusts. The company has an A rating together with the Better Business Bureau.